How To Store Photo’s by Alia Hoyt

A Terrific Article and advise from Alia Hoyt "How to Properly Store Really, Really Old Photos" 14 July 2010. ________________________________________   Your family's photos are the window to your history. Keep them stored safely! MICHAEL BLANN/THINKSTOCK Don't try to deny it. Somewhere in your house lurks a box of cracked, withered and faded photographs of your [...]

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How Many Printed Photos Are There?

How Many Printd Photos Have Been Taken Ever? by Humans have taken a lot of pictures. Every snapshot, family photo, Polaroid and cell phone pic adds up, according to data from 1,000 memories blog. Using film industry statistics, digital photography estimates and numbers kept by producers of silver halide, an important chemical for analog film, [...]

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ABC’s of Photo Organizing

Sorting Printed Photos is as Simple as A,B,C. The ABC's of Photo Organization Deciding what to keep can be overwhelming. Following a few simple guidelines can make this process easier and you can reoly on the ABC's of photo organizing to stay on top of your photo organizing tasks. Stands for Album These photos are the [...]

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