You’ll receive your original photos repackaged in a protective container, DVDs containing high-quality JPEG files, and optionally Text Note Archive image files (see below). You will also receive any other items ordered such as extra DVD copies and Index Prints. Our standard medium is DVD; if you require your images recorded on CD you can indicate that in your special instructions on your order. Approximately 3000 JPEG images files of 4 in. x 6 in. prints scanned at 300dpi can be recorded on a single DVD. The same 3000 images would require approximately 7 CDs.

While a number of newer TV DVD players are capable of displaying JPEG files from a DVD, or CD they can be slow, complicated to use, and lack the performance and flexibility of personal computers. Therefore, if you wish to share large photo collections to be viewed primarily on a DVD equipped TV, we recommend you ask about the TV DVD SlideShow Movie option.